mercoledì 8 maggio 2013

Einaudi's Integration Stay 18th-23rd Feb 2013

    Luca and his beloved Piccadilly Circus.

    Some girls with Mrs Rubini.

    ...good bye!

                     Coming back....


                     Elisa and Rebecca.

    Ludovica, Daniele and Giulia.

                     Johnny, Mrs Bernabè  and Mr Alan, our guide in London.

    Daniele, Marco, Johnny, Giulia Rebecca, Elisa and Greta.

    ... after the museum... tired but happy.

    Oxford - Inside a college chapel.

                     Cute boys!

    Let's decide where to go!

    Eton College - Ludovica and Mrs Bernabé.

    Giada, Ilaria and Silvia... having a snack.

    Heathrow airport.

    Giulia, Monica, Daniele, Marco and Greta.

    Einaudi's group....

                     ...waiting for our flight... Giulia, Elena and Elisa.

                     Marco and tired!

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